Here's What People Are Saying.

"Kimberly is one of the few instructors who really considers her classes needs above all. She is supportive, thoughtful, and knows when to encourage you to push yourself (if that's your thing). Her style makes yoga fun for everyone!"

"I attended this morning's 9:00 am drop-in class with Kimberly. Please let her know that this was the best yoga class I've been to in a long time. The pacing was good, the flow was very natural, and I felt amazing during and afterwards. I hope to attend another one of her classes very soon."

"This (yelp) review is for the phenomenal yoga instructor Kimberly G. - I was a total newbie to yoga when I started taking her class a couple months ago, and a bit skeptical about it. After the first session with Kimberly, I was hooked. She is a truly incredible instructor. First, Kimberly makes sure everyone feels welcome into the class, and emphasizes to do what's comfortable for you. She has an amazing flow, and is always helping with adjustments to make sure you do the poses properly. And if something is too difficult, she will help scale it so it works for you. She is also very knowledgable, and can explain the poses very well. She offers insights on not only the proper physical posture, but how it helps the body and mind in general. Her classes are just challenging enough without being too intimidating for new people...and the small class size is awesome too! She allows a really nice amount of time for rest at the end of the class, and offers some soothing adjustments and meditative instruction that are very calming and peaceful. I would highly recommend anyone considering yoga to take a class or two with Kimberly...I'm sure you'll be hooked too!"

"Kimberly is a compassionate and present yoga teacher and human being!"

"Prior to working with Kimberly, I was too self conscious and concerned to attempt going to a yoga class. I was recovering from several different injuries and I was afraid of causing more damage (as well as looking like a fool). Prior to our first class, Kimberly spent time talking to me about my injuries. During class, she made sure to offer different alternatives to position for those of us with injuries. Her ability to listen to our unique needs and tailor the sessions allowed me to get comfortable with practicing yoga while safely working on my flexibility and strength. Throughout several sessions, I can now see real improvement in my back pain and strength. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for a yoga class/experience from an instructor that truly cares about your well being."

"I have never left a (yelp) review but I had to download the app just to leave this one. Complete shout out to the amazing instructor Kimberly! I'm a beginner and this class was too good that I mistook myself for a pro. I've taken other yoga classes on and off in the past and this by far is the BEST yoga class (Community Yoga) I've ever taken. You can't tell whos pro or beginner in the class because the instructor Kimberly was VERY good with making sure everyone could participate wheverever they were at without feeling uncomfortable. She's very good with appropriately touching you (hands-on assists/adjustments) to form correct and verbally and visually instructs the class very well. This was a complete hit and I will definitely be returning week after week. Also class size is very intimate and yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and water are provided! I cannot wait to improve my flexibility and be more in tuned with my body! (Relaxation, etc...)"

"I've been very fortunate to have found Kimberly as she is an excellent instructor/guide. After spending time listening to the myriad benefits associated with Kripalu Yoga both mental and physical, there is no doubt she has me on a path to unlocking the ceiling for both."