Yoga Classes

Public Weekly Class Schedule

1 Hour All-Levels Power, heated
12pm @ Open Doors Dorchester

1 Hour All-Levels
4pm @ Black Crow Yoga

6pm @ Black Crow Yoga


1 Hour All-Levels
12pm @ Shawmut Yoga *new!

All-Levels, Gentle
6pm @ Open Doors Dorchester


All-Levels, $10 drop-In
9am@ Black Crow Yoga


All-Levels, $10 drop-in
9am @ Black Crow Yoga

1 Hour All-Levels, Community
12pm @ five doors health + wellness

Subbing for Others
Check back soon!

Class Descriptions
Kimberly believes in making yoga accessible to everyone. Regardless of financial circumstance; if you're a beginner, returning to yoga after a break, working with an injury/illness, or seeking to advance your practice - join a class and community - that's right for you.

All-Levels (heated and unheated) classes are vinyasa style and focus on connecting breath to movement through a dynamic, continuous sequence of asanas (postures). Some classes are heated (comfortably warm) and others are not. Regardless of temperature, these classes aim to balance strengthening and stretching. This practice encourages you to find your own balance between effort and ease. You’ll aim to strengthen the body, develop mental focus, and cultivate sensitivity to your own body’s energy.

All-Levels, Gentle classes are slower paced. Space is offered to warm up the body slowly, which soothes, basic asanas (postures) are incorporated to release muscular tension, breathing practices (pranayama) are offered to calm the nervous system, and additional time is allowed for rest and integration. This practice is compassionate, builds self-awareness, offers mild stretching, and deep relaxation. Appropriate for beginners and students working with injuries.

All-Levels, Community is a donation-based vinyasa class. Open to all students and a great fit if you are a beginner yogi. Class size is kept small, allowing you to gradually build a foundation for your life-long practice. Taught on a by-donation basis, 100% of all proceeds are paid forward and donated to FCI (Fibromyalgia Coalition International), a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, dedicated to providing research, information and resources for natural solutions associated with fibromyalgia and related conditions.

All-Levels Power classes are heated (-/+95 degrees). These are dynamic empowering flow classes that move at a quicker pace. Open to every level of practitioner; modifications, adjustments and optional assists are offfered throughout to allow you the space to grow wherever you are in your practice.

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® is an ancient healing guided meditation practice modernized and designed for today's busy world. Divine Sleep is an enjoyable, easy practice that is accessible to everyone. All you have to do is simply lie down and listen. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of this practice equates to 3 hours of regular sleep.