Here's What People are Saying.

"In my first experience developing a National Service Brochure and using an outside agency for our Photo Shoot, I didn’t know what to expect.  Kimberly was the first to arrive ahead of schedule and was well prepared.  As the day progressed, we created demanding situations to capture, Kimberly adapted quickly and effortlessly to each task. One of the most dynamic photographs of Kimberly was selected for the Cover of our Brochure. I couldn’t have been more pleased the completed brochure and the reception it has received has been tremendous. I can’t thank Kimberly enough for the professional effort and quality she brought to our finished product. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Kimberly help us again the next time we are ready for another campaign!"
"Kimberly is a consummate professional that knows how to deliver her best each time she is on camera. It is wonderful to work with someone that takes the time to really learn their lines and cues and works hard to insure the delivery is both flawless and captures just the look you were trying to achieve. Smart, attractive and someone that will represent your brand well it is truly easy to see why Kimberly is in so much demand."
"Kimberly was an absolute pleasure to work with on set and understood exactly how to take our direction then turn it into a moment that fit perfectly with what we were looking for in the piece."
"Working with Kimberly has been great – from her easy-going nature to charming smile, she is a gem!  Her flawless looks, confident acting style and poised persona will win you over.  Kimberly is a true professional!"
"Kimberly is a true professional. She was perfect for her role as industry expert. And, her talent was apparent from the first take. We'd cast her again and again for any corporate video."
"Kimberly Giardino is a pure delight to work with!  Very professional, hard working and extremely talented.  Can't wait to work with you again soon."
"I have worked with Kimberly several times and it is always a joy. Her energy is high and joyful. She is very attentive and professional. I always look forward to working with her again."
"Thanks for your unwavering commitment and focus with our sales training video! Your talent, preparation, and energy on set made for a great experience!"
"Kimberly's relentless energy and dedication to the role were superb! With very little prep time and training, Kimberly flawlessly delivered solid performances and truly became the star of the event. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone wanting a professional, positive and talented actress."
"Having Kimberly Giardino on your set will guarantee the project at hand success....Kimberly is a natural to her character's....handles each and every project with efficiency and flair....amazing talent."
"I have worked with Kimberly a couple times now and each time she never ceases to amaze me! As a photographer, I really feed off of my models energy and this is something she has in abundance. Whether I need soft and romantic, huge smiles or naughty bedroom eyes; I simply communicate what look I need and she delivers. A true professional, she shows up on time and is a blast to work with! I recommend Kimberly to anyone looking for a model or actress with range. She is a pleasure to work with and I already can not wait until the next time I get her in front of my lens!"
"Stage presence mixed with extreme versatility and perfect looks best describe Kimberly Giardino. Working with such a talented and patient actress, especially during a turbulent filming process, was such a pleasure and joy. Her attitude and personality lit up the set while her acting ability floored us with her seamless transition from playing a grieving mother in her 40's straight to a precocious young woman in her early 20's. This wonderful actress will go far!"
"Working with Kimberly was an absolute joy from the start! On top of being positively stunning and a brilliant actress, she was a vibrant member of the cast, and a dedicated performer. She took everything she did very seriously, and pushed her abilities to create the best scene possible. She always maintained a wonderful attitude, which made it a great experience to work with her."
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